LHR Technologies is the company behind the revolutionary CarveWright CNC System. The NASA robotics expertise behind the engineering created the most unique CNC ever created. The patented material feed-through allows CarveWright to maintain a small footprint, while working with large workpieces. The advanced servo motor control system makes CarveWright the most fast and accurate CNC anywhere near its price range. Lastly, CarveWright’s automated setup make it the easiest system to learn and use by far.

These hardware advancements wouldn’t mean much with out the CarveWright Project Designer software package. The software is included with every system and provides the most functionality of any free CNC software on the market. It’s designed with the beginner in mind, but is expandable with add-on modules to be as powerful as any professional could want. There is no easier way to create amazing things with a CNC.

CarveWright truly is CNC Enhanced.

visit CarveWright.com to learn more.